Choosing the right outdoor sign for your business

It is essential that when you choose signage for the outdoors, the correct materials are used for visibility, durability and sustainable for the elements. We only use products which provide excellent warranties so your signage will last far longer than expected. Too many times business owners approve cheaper materials which end up faded and brittle long before the expected life of the sign.

What you need to consider?

There are many aspects to consider for outdoor signage –

Will the signage be exposed to the elements, will the signage need to be waterproof, all electrics must be stored in a dry place.

If the signage is in direct sunlight, what colours should you use, UV over-laminates are required, and only the highest quality materials to ensure it last in the harsh Australian sun.

If the area is in reach of pedestrians on a high footfall area, anti graffiti measures would be required to protect your signage from damage. It is worth investing the extra at the start instead of having to pay for a whole new sign should the signage be vandalised.

Design and visibility is also a big factor for outdoor sign, on a design drawing or layout the proposal can look acceptable, however when installed the signage could look lost or even too hard to read from a distance. Signgroup offer excellent design services and visuals are provided for each project.


If you are looking for a signage solutionĀ for just a small sign or a new national fit out. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate company, please feel free to contact us today to discuss your enquiries further.


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