LED Illuminated signs

LED Signs & Signage is now the standard way to illuminate signage, low on power and with new technology is brighter than its predecessors. LED signage is also very versatile.

Why choose LED’s?

Technology is moving fast for LED illumination, there are many different types of units to choose from, working closely with reputable suppliers we have an excellent understanding about what there is to offer on the market. LED’s are very popular today due to the low power outage meaning a better solution for the client and excellent for the environment also. LED lighting also has an extremely long life expectancy without compromising on brightness over time also. There is a lot of cheaper products which may be more affordable but will not shine as bright as some of the premium products. This means more unit will be required to achieve the same level of illumination for lightboxes or flex faced signs.

Where can LED’s be used?

With the wide range of new products on the market, LED’s can be used for slimline lightboxes, large light boxes, pylons, fabricated letters and virtually all products which can be illuminated. There is also new LED products which look and glow the same as neon however the LED version will have a much better life expectancy.


If you are looking for a signage solutionĀ for just a small sign or a new national fit out. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate company, please feel free to contact us today to discuss your enquiries further.


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