coffee shop signs

Coffee Shop Signs

Australia’s love for quality coffee and vibrant coffee culture. This love for coffee supported industry demand in the years following the global economic downturn and has fuelled revenue growth over the past five years.


Coffee Shops are becoming increasingly popular hangouts for locals to catch up and even more popular way to do business, last year the coffee culture increased its revenue to $4.3 billion and is set to increase again this year.


However, profitability is set to lower due to higher competition , low barrier to enter the industry and low industry concentration.


In our local area there is probably 20+ coffee shops within a 500m radius and they don’t seem to be slowing down, competition is fierce. What makes one coffee stand out from the others? How have the few risen to the top?


Here are some tips to help you grow your coffee business in to the taste of the town


Offer a rewards service


Give yourself personality, be original


Be consistent


Own social media in your area


Invest in a good brand (logo, website, image)


A lot of coffee shops start on a small budget, and will try and make cuts wherever possible

Turn your coffee in to a cult following

All you have to do is look at how apple, from the very start they did things differently, never once did they talk about whats behind the machine, instead they marketed a lifestyle, a vision, something that everyone wanted to be part of. To this day apple has stuck to this ethos and are one of if not the biggest brand in the world. A good video to watch is Simon Sinek –


Its a good insight in to how you can soup up your marketing and create that following all businesses crave for.